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Who Am I?


After living in California’s San Francisco Bay area for over thirty years I was delighted when my husband, who is French, wanted to return to France. For many years we vacationed here and I fell in love with the beauty of France – the amazing cities with their art and culture, the French Alpes with its wild natural beauty, and Burgundy with its world class wines.

During my 25 years of experience in massage therapy in California, the well-being of my clients was important. I took advantage of my coming to France to develop this interest taking into account the relationships between the body, mind, and emotions through massage in order to offer well-being.

Take A Moment For Yourself ​

Let Me Help Release The Stress And Tension

Wellness massage provides relaxation, increases body awareness, and creates balance with the objectives of promoting health and wellness. It counteracts the pressures of daily life that tend to wear down both the body and mind. By receiving regular sessions of relaxation massage, the ability to respond to stress is enhanced while invigorating the physical well-being.

30 minutes

35 € / session

60 minutes

65 € / session

90 minutes

95 € / session
The benefits of

Wellness Massage

Provides physical and mental relaxation

Reduces muscle tension

Improves circulation

Reduces stress

Increases flexibility

Improves sleep

Increases energy


What My Clients Say

"From the first appointment on, I have been consistently impressed with both Pamela's professional expertise and careful attention to her client's particular needs and preferences. Her workspace is beautiful, calming and comfortable. She offers amazing massages, both bien étre and California-style. I am definitely hooked and will keep coming back for more!"

Judy Hedin

"I hereby express my complete satisfaction with the massages given to me by Pamela. Her wellness massages are very effective. I have noticed a great improvement in my general condition: After her massages I feel more fluid and very relaxed. It is a particularly beneficial experience for me. I am very impressed by her talents and also by her human qualities of sensitivity, listening and benevolence. In short, I highly recommend the massages given by Pamela."

Françoise Faucon

"Pamela Wansek is a true massage professional. From the first meeting, she takes the time to listen to you and uses all her know-how for the benefit of your well-being. Trained in the United States in specific methods, her expertise is a real asset in her profession and sets her apart from other masseurs or masseuses. She is constantly making sure that everything is fine, and it's clear that your comfort is her priority. I trust her completely and after each session I leave feeling like I have had a new look. It does me a lot of good. I highly recommend her massages without hesitation."

Cathy Simmons

"What could be more relaxing or healthful than a massage by an experienced masseuse? Pamela has helped me a great deal during these troubled times. After a session with her, I feel years younger. I am totally relaxed after her massage and my sleep is improved."

Tom Cahill

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Massage services are for the primary purpose of short-term relaxation and the relief of muscular tension. Massage services are in no way a substitute for the examination, diagnosis or treatment by a physician. The individual providing massage services is not qualified to diagnose, prescribe or treat any physical or mental illness and is not qualified to perform spinal or skeletal adjustments. All information provided is educational in nature.

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